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Meet Darren, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Service Freak (Chief Executive Freak, for short).

In his early twenties, Darren was delivering packages to and from L.A.'s swankiest hotels. Sitting in the lobby gave him a front-row seat to watch how customer service was done right.

Darren was pretty much a goner from there on out. Providing that same attention to detail became an obsession, and for the last quarter century he’s been doing exactly that by listening carefully, responding creatively and making small tweaks to the customer experience.

That became Darren’s mantra.

Listen carefully... respond creatively

Through the years he’s perfected its application, beginning with the messenger service (an industry not known for customer service), followed by stints at the Hyatt West Hollywood, the Beach House Hotel and, despite having limitations with the facility, Magic Castle Hotel, which is consistently the top rated hotel on TripAdvisor in Los Angeles and continues to win awards for their unique approach to service.

Darren’s experience in the hospitality industry has taught him that treating guests with warmth and respect, and anticipating their needs, will go a long way toward earning their loyalty.

Treating guests with warmth and respect while anticipating their needs will go a long way toward earning their loyalty.

Those principles are universal and Darren wants to use what he’s learned to help companies of all types keep their customers coming back. Because no matter what business you’re in, your first order of business is serving the customer.

That’s what Service Freak is all about.